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Gamot Medicine Root!

"Gamot" in Tagalog means "Medicine!"

In Cebuano it means "Root!"

Anyway you look at it the Gamot Network is a Medicine for the Root problems of owning a piece of Internet Real Estate!

We've heard it often... "It cost too much to have a website." "We can't afford the yearly fees." "It is way too technical to have a server and hire a technician - our company just can't afford it!!"

Now there is a low cost, high speed, high quality way to have a website that you can do from an Internet Café in an hour or two – and update anytime you want!


We are working on the content for medy.biz as fast as we can!

We hope you will bookmark medy.biz and visit us again to see what is happening!

Thanks from all of us at medy.biz.

The Domain You asked for is: medy.biz.

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